Mario Novell

Video & Graphics Engineer

About Mario Novell

Mario Novell is a seasoned video and graphics engineer based in Los Angeles, California. With over two decades of experience in his field, Novell has been an integral part of success for several companies over the years.

After receiving his Masters of Science in Computer Engineering from the University of California, Los Angeles, Mario Novell has worked in various companies gathering much experience in fields, from cellular/mobile markets to wireless broadband communication and video graphics.

Creative and ambitious, Mario Novell thrives in a challenging environment. Throughout his career, Novell has successfully utilized his years of specialized skills and abilities to lead state-of-the-art research, design, and product development. Novell has previously authored two publications, “VLSI Implementation of a Reversible Variable Length Encoder/Decoder” and “Error Resilient Variable Length Encoder/Decoder for Low Power Wireless Video Codecs.”

A natural leader and self-starter, Mario Novell is capable of handling multiple projects simultaneously with high professionalism and accuracy. Novell has a proven ability to create novel approaches that address the most complex design challenges. With an extensive background in electrical and electronics engineering, Mario Novell is highly skilled in all things ASIC design, FPGA design, and system architecture. Today, Mario Novell lends his expertise to assist in designing and developing products that will achieve optimal success. By successfully evaluating needs and objectives, Mario offers compelling, researched concepts that go far beyond the client’s initial vision and expectations. Dedicated to continuous growth, Mario stays abreast of the latest technological advancements in his field to ensure he’s providing the absolute best possible solutions.

Outside of his career specifically, Mario Novell enjoys keeping up with trends in his industry. Researching the latest technologies and gadgets across various platforms, Mario Novell ensures he is up to date at all times. Much like anyone in his industry, Mario Novell avidly follows news that breaks from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas every year. Getting a glimpse into what other companies are working on, and what revelations are on the horizon in the technological world is most exciting for Novell. Some brands that Mario follows and appreciate their work with video processing and graphics are Nvidia, Tesla, and Apple.

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