Are you fascinated by 3D design and everything that you’re able to do with it? If so, then you might be thinking about a career in 3D design or trying to learn about it in your spare time. There will be many terms that you will encounter when looking into 3D design and some of them won’t be familiar to you. Take a look at this 3D design terms guide for beginners that will help you out. 

3D models

A 3D model is one of the most basic things that you will need to know about when learning about 3D design. This is a model that is a 3D representation of an object. A character in a 3D video game is a 3D model. These 3D models can be turned and looked at in a 3D space from every conceivable angle. 

Non-Uniform Rational Basis Spline (NURBS) Modeling

Non-Uniform Rational Basis Spline Modeling is definitely a mouthful and you might start scratching your head the first time you hear it. Abbreviate it to NURBS and just know that it refers to a mathematical type of modeling that allows 3D designers to generate curves and surfaces. This is a very important part of level design when you’re looking at 3D design from the perspective of a video game developer. It’s a very flexible modeling technique that gives 3D designers a lot of control when they’re generating shapes. 

Polygon Modeling

Polygon modeling is something that you might be familiar with from the video game world. These polygon models are essentially a collection of faces, edges, and vertices that will define a model. Highly detailed 3D models often contain 100,000 or more polygons. 3D designers can change the coordinates of vertices to help shape the model. 

Subdivision Surfaces and Non-Uniform Rational Mesh Smooth (NURMS) Modeling

Finally, you should know about subdivision surfaces and non-uniform rational mesh smooth modeling. Thankfully, this can be truncated down to NURMS. Subdivision surfaces make use of an algorithm to smooth out polygon surfaces. The NURMS technique makes things look so much more polished. It’s an important part of the process when you’re trying to get a 3D model finalized.