The Internet of Things (IoT) is having a big impact on the world. The IoT is responsible for collecting a lot of data and there are just so many devices out there now. The potential is there for the IoT to be much more than it currently is. If the billions of IoT devices out there can make use of AI, then things will be able to be changed for the better. 

Problems with the IoT

There are some inherent problems with how the IoT does things. IoT problems can occur due to a device not being sophisticated enough to deal with certain issues. There are typically going to be two responses that IoT devices are capable of as things stand today. They will either react in a fast but dumb fashion or a slow but smart fashion. 

When an IoT device is fast and dumb, it will react to a signal and then perform one of a few actions that it is capable of. For example, it might look for a simple fix or it might simply decide to restart the network. The slow and smart solution is more reliable but it can take longer to solve issues. It’ll be able to make the right choice, but the process can be slow enough to not make it a practical solution. 

Why AI Can Help

AI can help because it will make managing IoT devices so much simpler than it currently is. You can simply have the IoT devices hooked up to an AI that will control all of the redundant processes. If it encounters security issues or system errors, solutions can be pulled using the AI and things can be solved rapidly. It’ll make IoT devices more versatile than they are today and everything is going to become reliable. 

The potential for AI to resolve IT problems that occur in IoT devices is strong. Many people feel that all new IoT devices moving forward should include some type of AI support. The impact on the IoT is going to be significant because it will essentially take the IoT to the next level. They will be capable of much more and people won’t have to worry so much about IT problems any longer.