Trying to create a color palette might feel a bit intimidating at first. You might be worried about how you’re going to find the right colors to accomplish everything that you have set out to do. Learning to make good color palette choices as a graphic designer is imperative. Keep reading to discover what you should do to create the best color palette as a graphic designer. 

Consider the Contrast

Consider the contrast when you’re picking out colors. This basically refers to how people perceive the colors that they’re looking at and understanding that colors will contrast with each other in different ways. You want to pick colors that contrast in positive ways instead of ones that clash. Taking the time to learn which colors go together is your first step. 

Using a Color Wheel Can Help

It can actually be quite helpful to make use of a color wheel. This type of tool will make identifying analogous colors a breeze. Essentially, you can use an analogous color scheme by pairing a primary color with the two colors that are next to it on the aforementioned color wheel. This is a pretty easy rule to remember and it will allow you to create a good color palette as a graphic designer. 

Complementary Colors Are Also Important

Complementary colors are also important and you can use the handy color wheel to identify these colors as well. Complementary colors will be directly across from one another on the color wheel. They will provide the best contrast and will be useful to you when creating color palettes. You should always seek out complementary colors when considering what to do with your graphics design. 

Monochromatic Schemes

Monochromatic schemes are good to know about as well. This is where you create a color scheme that has various shades and tints of one hue. So you might be using multiple types of red in this color scheme. This is a popular option when you’re creating charts or other types of visual data elements for a website, but it can be useful in other ways when it comes to creating a color palette, too.