Every year, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) allows the latest pieces of tech to be shown off. There were quite a few standout products showcased at this year’s event. Please read on to explore five of the most promising new products from the show. 

  1. The BrainCo Prosthetic Hands

Prosthetic limbs are so important and people need to be able to have access to functioning prosthetics. This new prosthetic hand from BrainCo is very promising and is powered by AI. It works with an amputee’s brain waves and muscle signals so that it can know what you want it to do. This is an intuitive prosthetic hand that will only cost between $10,000 and $15,000. 

  1. The Alienware Concept UFO

This new product from Alienware is something that gamers will be very excited about. It’s essentially a handheld video game console that is meant to play PC games. Alienware has created a compelling device that could provide an alternative to the Nintendo Switch. It looks aesthetically pleasing and it has promising hardware that will allow PC games to be played well while still allowing for portability. 

  1. The TCL Foldable Phone

The TCL Foldable Phone deserves a spot on this list because of how impressive it was at CES this year. This is a prototype that works nicely and it seems to be aiming to provide an affordable foldable phone experience. TCL is attempting to create a foldable phone that is reasonably priced while still maintaining high specs. Time will tell whether the company will be able to fully realize this goal. 

  1. The Y-Brush

Do you want to brush your teeth more often, but you hate having to take the time to do it? The Y-Brush looks like a mouthpiece that has tiny brushes inside. It makes brushing your teeth a very quick and automated process. It should help to save many people time when it ships and will cost $150.

  1. The Tombot Jennie

The Tombot Jennie is a robotic dog, but it doesn’t walk around like other robotic dogs that you may have seen on the market. This dog has sophisticated synthetic fur and an endearing personality that is meant to provide comfort. It is being made by Tombot in partnership with the Jim Henson company. This is a promising and intriguing piece of tech that could be useful in many ways.