It can be quite risky to log onto a public WiFi network. You might be tempted to do so because you’re running low on data, but you’re going to risk exposing your personal information to hackers. If you want to stay safe while using public WiFi networks, then you need to keep your wits about you. Make use of the following tips to keep anything bad from happening. 

Never Connect to an Unknown Network 

It’s never going to be a good idea to connect to an unknown network. This is only going to put you in a difficult spot and you might wind up regretting your decision faster than you might think. Look for a verified public network if you absolutely must use public WiFi. Otherwise, it might be best to abstain from using your smart devices until you can find a safe spot to connect. 

VPNs Help

VPNs will help you a lot and you should consider signing up for a good one today. Virtual private networks allow you to browse the Internet anonymously and it gives you an extra layer of security. Most VPNs will come with a slew of useful features as well. A VPN will be one of the best tools for keeping yourself safe while using a public network. 

Keep Your Firewall on

Never turn off your firewall if you want to stay safe while using a public network. Firewalls exist for a reason and they are designed to keep people from accessing your private files. Having the firewall on could keep someone from stealing your data if they gain unauthorized access to one of your devices. Keep this in mind and just always assume that it’s appropriate to keep the firewall on. 

Avoid Sharing Private Information

Avoid sharing private information when you’re on a public WiFi network. There is always a chance that things aren’t so private when you’re using public WiFi. It’s best to err on the side of caution and avoid making purchases, sending risque messages or photos, or otherwise mentioning personal information while on public WiFi. A little bit of caution could mean the difference between safety and you having to deal with problems.