Both VR and AR have started to become more popular in recent years. Virtual reality has been around for a while, but it wasn’t until the last five years that it started showing signs of being commercially viable. Augmented reality is newer, but it has so many potential uses in various industries. You might not fully understand AR and VR or what they have to offer the world, but you can learn more by continuing to read. 

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a technology that tricks the human brain into thinking that it is inside a different world. Users will place a headset on that covers their eyes and will then be shown a completely new environment. It’s essentially just a complex visual trick that makes users feel like they’re really there when they’re just watching something or playing a game. This doesn’t mean that it isn’t incredibly impressive, though. 

Currently, virtual reality is something that is utilized in the video game world. Many versions of VR headsets exist with the most popular commercial headset being attached to the Playstation brand. The potential is there for VR to grow and become a bigger part of the entertainment industry. Many experts feel that virtual reality concerts will be a big part of the future and VR could have more practical uses as well such as training professionals in various fields. 

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is different because it involves projecting images into the real-world using technology. Many popular smartphone games make use of AR so that it will appear that game characters are showing up in the real world. It’s a neat trick, but the AR technology has the potential to go so much deeper than that. Wearing special glasses could allow someone to see an augmented reality display and they could receive real-time data. This could become useful for navigation and it might also be important for military affairs. 

It’s even expected that augmented reality experiences will become a huge part of the advertisement world once 5G starts to roll out. You’ll be hearing a lot more about augmented reality soon. Other forms of this such as mixed reality will also be part of the equation. Just remember that this technology will continue to grow and become more impressive as the years go by.