AI is already something that has become an important part of your daily life. Even if you don’t realize it, you’re likely using AI in some way on most days. Take a look at how AI affects your daily life by looking at the information below. It’ll open your eyes to the fact that AI is already here and that it isn’t going anywhere. 

Face Recognition 

Face recognition is a neat feature that some smartphones and other devices make use of. You can unlock your phone without having to enter a passcode because the AI is able to recognize your face. Many people aren’t aware that this technology is made possible because of AI. Technology like this will become more powerful, more accurate, and more prevalent in the future. 

Social Media Feeds

Social media feeds make use of AI all the time. All of those posts and tweets that you’re seeing are personalized based on specific data sets. The AI examines the way that you interact with social media sites and it also makes use of other relevant information that is available about you. Social media wouldn’t be anything like it is today without artificial intelligence. 

Grammar Checks

Do you regularly send out emails or use software to check your grammar? Well, this is all powered by artificial intelligence. Popular platforms such as Grammarly make use of natural language processing abilities to help you correct mistakes. It’s all very intuitive and it’s made possible because of AI. 

Search Engine Results

People are constantly using search engines in modern times. You might need to find out information about a topic that you’re researching or you could just need to know whether a restaurant is close or open. All of the search engine results make use of AI to give you the relevant information that you’re seeking. The advertisements on the search engine result also make use of AI to give you ads that make sense when taking your searching habits into account. 

Streaming Service Recommendations

Streaming media is a huge business in the modern era, too. You always see a list of recommended shows based on the type of things that you like. AI works to give you those lists so that you can find content that is most likely to appeal to you.